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Taru Foundation was registered under the Chhattisgarh Society Registration Act 1973 as a non-profit organization on 11th September 2019 focused on 9 UN SDGS. The name Taru (HINDI), which means tree was the most ideal name for our philosophy as it was rooted in the love for the community and our vision of growth and prosperity for the youth who were deprived of quality education, social awareness and access to employment due to the socio-economic disparities.


To proactively create, foster, and protect an equitable society founded on the principles of Human Rights. We are dedicated to implementing and promoting best practices from around the world, working collaboratively with local communities to build sustainable, educated, poverty-free, empowered, and healthy environments for all


To foster a just and inclusive society, guided by the principles of UN Sustainable Goals


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Your time and skills can help us serve the communities better.  We have a diverse set of volunteering opportunities from social media to mentoring our students and beneficiaries. Join us for any of the activities you’re passionate about

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We believe in the power of collaborations. Together we can multiply the impact of social good. If you feel you can join hands with us and help us diversify or scale our area of interventions, just click below link and we can take it forward from there

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We work in one of the remote districts in the country and usually do not have access to donors in the cities. If you are reading this, we are fortunate. Any contribution you make will help us grow and continue the mission we are on. 

Taru Foundation at work


Every day we strive to make a difference in the communities we work with. We take up programs from the Chhattisgarh Government, and our local partners on various capacity building projects to ensure sustainable growth. Taru Foundation is grateful for all the meaningful associations on ground and with our partners. Take a glimpse of our work in the media section where we share some photographs from our daily work activities. It is rare that we get time to click photographs and roll our social media profiles. Working with a small team has its own set of challenges but we try to bring a part of our life to you through these photographs.

Webinar Series

Creating Awareness during COVID-19


Our Students voices matter to us